Meet Walter Our Newest Office Assistant

Oh good morningggggg, from our newest office assistant — WALTER!

That’s right y’all! This Christmas, Morgan earned himself husband of the year and alongside my parents surprised me with the sweetest pup I ever did meet!  Even though I put “golden retriever puppy” at the top of my Christmas list, I DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

However, after seeing just how popular Walter is on Instagram, and having a ton of questions, I figured I would answer some of them here! It’ll be a like a little frequently asked questions post ;)

Were you surprised?!

Yes, definitely! I was actually in the middle of cooking our Christmas lunch when Walter came in! He was in the a basket with a red bow on him! I wish that my reaction was good enough to put on YouTube, but alas, I was distracted by said food.  Don’t worry though, it wasn’t long before I held him and took his first IG photo! hahaha!

How did you name him?

We’ve had a lot of guesses as for who he’s named after: Walter from Breaking Bad, Walter from Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Walt Disney, Walter (Buddy’s Dad)… the possibilities were endless apparently!!

Anyone ever watch the show Fringe before? It was one of my favorite shows when first got married and discovered our love for a good Netflix binge! (Sadly, Fringe is no longer on Netflix — womp, womp.)  Walter just so happens to be the endearing old scientist on the show and one of my favorite characters! At some point in our watching I declared that I was going to name my first dog after him.

Much to my dismay, Mack was more “Morgan’s” dog, really only in the sense that he got to name him.  Imagine my delight when this little cutie showed up and I finally got my Walter!!

Right now as we’re training him, I’m training him to be called Walter exclusively but his little nickname will be Wally as he starts to understand a little better! The good news — he definitely already knows his name ;)  Mostly as he’s hearing me call it when he’s being a bit mischievous!

How old is he?

We got Walter when he was 8 weeks old, so as of Saturday he’s 9 weeks!  I feel like he’s already grown a lot in just one week! It’ll be fun to see how big he gets!

Does #MackTheMastador like him?

Mack and Walter hit it off from the very beginning without any problems! I’m so grateful!! Mack loves him and is mostly gentle with him!  Walter is definitely the more dominant of the two despite the fact that Mack is about ten times his size.  The only time they really fight is when Mack is chewing a bone that Walter would very much like to steal! But that’s just normal brother stuff — right?! ;)

How do you get anything done?!?!

I don’t. Hahaha! Just kidding ;) You read yesterday’s blog post! I’ve been getting things done just not quite as quickly as I usually do when it’s just me and Mack hanging in the office! Currently as we’re potty training, the living room and kitchen is the main hangout for Walter so I’ve been getting some work done in there.  Puppies also nap a lot (if Walter doesn’t, he gets crabby) and so I usually put him in his crate so that I can work while he naps.

… when they’re this little it’s basically like having a child!

Anyways! Thank you so much for sharing in our excitement!  Isn’t he the cutest?! The best compliment he’s received so far is that he deserves to be on the cover of Southern Living Magazine… I can’t say I disagree!

PS. These two have their own hashtags that you can follow along with if you please — #MyPupWalter and #AdventuresofMackandWally

^^ Because I’m basic and 100% not convicted about it *shrugs shoulders*


January 3, 2018

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