The Best Office Assistant Meet Mack the Mastador

I have to admit friends, that I am a little disappointed in myself that one of the only blog posts that Mack has been featured in to date is the very first Monday’s Mash-up after we brought him home! Mack is the best little office assistant, most of the time hanging out right under my feet all day as I type and edit away… unless he wants to take a walk, in which he promptly asserts his nose in the direction of my laptop as a means for knocking it off my lap ;)  So it only felt right to introduce you to my favorite pup today, and answer a few frequently asked questions about him:


1. What is a Mastador?

Mack is a Mastador which means that he’s a mix between a labrador and a mastiff!  We love this because it means that his temperament is really laid-back, but he also has the ability to be excited when we want to take him on long hikes, adventures, etc!


2. What are Mack’s favorite things?

This kind of depends on the day, but he always is down for: hiking, car rides, hanging out with other dogs, having visitors at the house, and just laying out in the yard.  Haha! Like I said – the perfect mix between laid-back and excitable :)


3. How did you guys decide that you wanted a Mastador?

Well first things first, you should probably know that Mack is the first dog that I’ve ever owned.  Growing up, my family never had a dog, though apparently I liked to claim the neighbor’s dog as my own – quite convincingly so I’m told, so I was a little apprehensive of the process.  Not because I didn’t like dogs, but just because I didn’t know what I was doing in training one – you can ask Morgan about the first day I was left at home along with Mack and how our potty training went that day… special city.

Anyway, a few years ago when we were in Seattle visiting our siblings, David took us on a hike to Old Robe Canyon.  It was a beautiful hike and along the way, we met the sweetest pup who was HUGE.  The dog was mixed with a Mastiff and a Great Dane… and was 180 pounds and reallyyyy tall.  Of course, that automatically made a Daniff at the top of Morgan’s breed list when it came time for us to get a pup.

When we finally sat down to research pups, you can imagine that I was a little intimidated to be a first-time dog owner of a dog that would be bigger than me one day, so we ended up meeting in the middle with a Mastador!


Meet Mack the Mastador - the cutest dog!

So there you have it folks, a little peek into the life of #MacktheMastador! Happy Thursday :)


May 25, 2017

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  1. […] Mack and Walter hit it off from the very beginning without any problems! I’m so grateful!! Mack loves him and is mostly gentle with him!  Walter is definitely the more dominant of the two despite the fact that Mack is about ten times his size.  The only time they really fight is when Mack is chewing a bone that Walter would very much like to steal! But that’s just normal brother stuff — right?! ;) […]

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