Heirloom Wedding Albums For Brides

If you’re a wedding photographer, then you know that right now is the peak of booking season!

Couples are just coming off of the excitement of being newly engaged around the holidays, and they’ve probably got tabs and tabs of venues and vendors galore popped open!  One of the fun parts about the email exchanges between inquiring couples is that I get to answer all of the questions that are ringing around in their heads!

So over the next few weeks, I decided it might be helpful to just go right ahead and answer a few most frequently asked questions during booking season here, too!!

At the top of the list is always

“Should we invest in a wedding album?”

I think when I first got started in wedding photography, I just assumed that everyone wanted wedding albums.  This probably had something to do with all the posts I saw from other wedding photographers that I followed sharing all about them (*insert a naive little nod to my beginner-self not realizing that those posts were basically all sales pitches! Haha!*).

Over and over again, though, I saw my couples pass up the opportunity to add on and album or parent album.  It got me asking why?

Well, we don’t live in the world that our parents did anymore.  The world where print boxes filled up the basement storage space, and wedding albums were just a part of the deal! We have access to our photos whenever we want, however we want, in our digital world!  Our pictures are on our phones, our computers, and maybe one or two is printed somewhere on one of our walls or on our nightstands.

And it makes sense — as someone who likes the least amount of clutter possible, I am all for digital files!  They keep my house tidy and my mind at ease.  Plus, its not like you want to have 90 photos of yourselves hanging on the walls of your house!  As Morgan said to me as we were decorating our first apartment, he really didn’t want to stare at himself all day!

Well, this friends, is where albums come in.  Not only are they a piece of your legacy, but they’re a great, practical option to share and display your wedding day without over-doing it!

When your mother-in-law comes over, give her your album… I promise she’ll want to take a gander ;)

When your kids are asking you one day, all about the dress you wore or the flowers in your bouquet, you can sit down and show them! I don’t think you’ll want to go “dig up an old hard drive” that might not even connect to your computer anymore.  Instead, you can pull out that beautiful leather-bound book that’s made to last, and you care share with them all about the favorite parts of your day!

To me, that’s why albums are so important! They tell the story of your wedding day and they’re something that is made to last! So is it worth extra investment!? I say YES!

And in case you’re in need of a little more convincing, check out a few spreads from one of my favorite wedding albums from last year!

Don’t you want something that pretty sitting on your coffee table for all to see? Thought so!

Anywho, stay tuned next week for more frequently asked questions!


January 3, 2019

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