Rainy Wedding Days For Brides

Good morning! I’m writing to you on an exceptionally sunny day about one of things brides fear most when it comes to their wedding day.  For me, when I was a bride, I had each detail planned out in my head.  I wanted everything to look perfect and unique and I couldn’t bear the thought of something being out of place.  However, on the morning of our wedding the 35mph winds were knocking over all of my preciously laid out details and Morgan had to order two sides to the tent so that our guests glasses wouldn’t fall off of the table! Ahh! Now, I know that this doesn’t quite create the same anxiety as rain does, but I wanted to give you a clue that I understand what it’s like to have things go a little array on your wedding day.

You may remember Tom + Eliza’s Romantic, Rainy Farm Wedding from June.  Let me tell you, that Eliza was the perfect and most collected bride I’ve ever seen in terms of having their day go a little out of order because of the rain.  Plus, it wasn’t just supposed to rain during their gorgeous outdoor wedding, a tornado might have touched down and we may have been hit by some extreme hail! Ah!!  So here’s a few tips that I picked up from watching her handle the day that I think may be helpful for other brides who are worried about their outdoor ceremonies being ruined by rain:

  • Keep your priorities straight. For Eliza, the most important part of the day was ending it as Tom’s wife.  Ultimately that was the most important part of the day and as she chose to focus on that, it was easier not to stress about the other details!  Plus, as a perk, the rain didn’t start until just after the ceremony ended! How perfect is that?
  • Be preparedTom + Eliza got married at her family farm in an outdoor space and while they already had a tent ready for the reception, they chose to rent an additional tent for the guests of the ceremony and umbrellas for the bridal party and bride and groom.  Being prepared, just in case of rain (once they heard the forecast) allowed them to ready for it when it came!
  • Embrace it!  I would say that Tom + Eliza totally embraced the rainy day theme to their wedding! Instead of being stressed, the two just enjoyed each other.  Their attitude and willingness to take portraits under all the coverings we could (trees, barns, and umbrellas) allowed for us to capture beautiful portraits of them despite the rainy circumstances!

So I hope this post is helpful for any bride that’s planning an outdoor wedding next year.  You can either choose to let rain, or the thought of rain, ruin your day, or you can choose to be excited for the chance to end the day with the guy you married!

An Eastern Shore, Maryland Elegant Farm Wedding on a Rainy Day by East Coast + Maryland Fine Art Photographer Lauren R Swann


August 12, 2015

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  1. Brea says:

    These are great tips, Lauren! No one wants a rainy wedding day but it certainly happens and you’ve gotta make the most of it! I love it when a couple has the right priorities and even with a dreary forecast, nothing can get them down!

  2. tPoz says:

    embrace it! the perfect advice! Sometimes the most extreme weather gifts us with the best photo opportunities!

  3. Tara says:

    Great tips, Lauren! Rainy weddings, with the right attitude, can still be amazing!

  4. Renee says:

    Beautiful image Lauren– you make rain pretty!

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