James + Kathy Holly Hills Country Club

When I met Kathy and her mom for our first official meeting, I knew that this was family was the absolute sweetest!  Kathy has a way about her that brings such joy and calm to any situation… their wedding day was no exception!  With a few things gone a little out of order, the only thing that mattered to James and Kathy was that at the end of the day, they were married!  These two sweethearts had an absolutely delightful fall wedding day, and I’m so excited to share my favorites from this unique wedding with you!  Plus, you’re going to love Kathy’s bridal portraits… she was stunning!  James and Kathy, thanks so much for allowing me to share in this special day with you!  Wishing you two ever happiness!

Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0001 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0002 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0003 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0004 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0005 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0006 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0007 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0008 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0009 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0010 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0011 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0012 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0013 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0014 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0015 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0016 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0017 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0018 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0019 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0020 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0021 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0022 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0023 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0024 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0025 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0026 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0027

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!!


October 13, 2015

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  1. Christa Rae says:

    There’s that Hawk! :) These are beautiful, Lauren!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous, fall wedding! I love their portraits, just stunning!

  3. Brea says:

    Those flowers are a dream. Seriously. Perfect fall bouquet. Their little owl cake topper is so cute! I still want a picture of the hawk on your head :P

  4. Emily says:

    Her dress is stunning! I particularly love all her bridal portraits.

  5. ashton says:

    I love all the bold colors and how unique her dress is!! Beautiful images, Lauren! <3

  6. What a colorful, wonderful day! Beautiful, Lauren! :)

  7. You are so talented girl! beautiful work!

  8. Melissa says:

    These are so lovely Lauren! I love their bride + groom portraits.

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