Abby + Lexi

When we first started talking about shooting their senior portraits, Abby and Lexi decided that it would be way more fun if they were to do it together than apart, and I couldn’t agree more.  These two are both kind, loving, and sweet on their own, but when they’re together they’re even more of a blast!  We wandered around Fell’s Point Sunday evening finding doorways and cobblestone that made for the perfect backdrops for these two.  Abby and Lexi, I have to say that I’m so proud of the women you two are becoming… I can’t wait to see the plans that God has for your next few years! XO!
Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0029 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0028Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0030 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0031 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0033 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0032Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0034 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0035Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0037 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0036 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0038Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0041 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0039Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0042 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0040 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0043 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0044 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0045 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0046 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0049Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0047 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0048 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0050 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0051 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0052Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0055Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0056 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0053 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0054 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0057 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0058 Holly-Hills-Country-Club-Wedding-Fine-Art-Photographer-photo_0059



October 14, 2015

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  1. Alyssa says:

    These are gorgeous!! those jewel toned dresses at the end with the water are stunning! Really enjoyed your post Lauren!

  2. Gemma says:

    Lauren, these photos are beautiful… the light! So excited to have discovered your blog :)

  3. That teal dress with the water *heart eyes!!!* What fun! Everyone should have a best friend session!!!!

  4. This is so amazing Lauren! Love it!

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