3 Years of Reese Adaline — Pink Bird Days & Headless Mingos

3 Years of Reese Adaline

“Happy bird-day cake to meeeee!” has been the song on repeat since Morgan’s birthday in July.  That and after watching Annie approximately one time, she will randomly burst into, “Tomorrowwwww it will get betterrrr!” because we’ve gotta add our own spin, of course.

Reese Adaline has her own way of doing things and we’re really all just along for the ride.  She is hysterical, a little clown, and equal parts sassy and sweet.

This year she has really leaned into:


  • Talking like Dory when she speaks whale.  After which, she reads the room to see what kind of laughs she gets, in case she needs to improve it next go.
  • She started gymnastics, a tactic from her parents to get this COVID-era-child some socialization.  She started off apprehensive about doing her “tricks” as she calls them but has really started to come into her own.  We don’t have the Olympics in our future by any means, but there’s a slightly larger chance that she will have more grace than her mother does.  Jury is still out though.
  • Her role as a helper! Reesey loves to be a helper and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time with Sully’s arrival.  She likes to help bring me things to entertain him during diaper changes, checks on him when he’s fussing, helps wake him up from his nap (with permission!) and has taken it upon herself to “help” him roll from one end of the hallway to the next.  I would be a little concerned if it weren’t for the fact that he laughs the entire time.
  • Her role as chief-dog-lover in our household… if only it was always reciprocated!  She and Walter have reached a whole new level of friendship and Mack mostly tolerates her petting his ears 430485 times a day.
  • Her role as co-pilot to Dada’s four-wheeler:  always requesting “faster, Dada, FASTER!”  The same principle has translated to riding in the car, and after her most recent “driving herself” in her new car, the world better lookout when she becomes a driver one day.
  • At church, at home, at, well, anywhere, you can hear her say “I’m berrryyy hungry” approximately 15 times in a row.  She does take it upon herself to go get her own snack from the pantry now and applauds her effort in doing so!
  • Gramma Hamm might have won Christmas with Reesey’s first set of dress-ups.  She wore her Elsa dress around for weeks on weeks and insists on being a princess.
  • and a million other little things that make her, her.

Happy birthday Reesey Adaline — we couldn’t love you more!

Sorry I got you a headless “mingo” for your pink birdddayyyy! Glad you loved it anyway <3



February 21, 2022

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