Monday’s Mash-up A Weekend at a Glance

Hello, it’s me! (Sung in my best Adele impression.)  I’m back! After a little hiatus from blogging to create some awesome new content, I’m back and starting this Monday morning off with a bang! This weekend, was a blast!  Morgan surprised me with a trip to downtown Frederick for a little early birthday celebration with his parents.  We got to tour some beautiful homes and saw the city all decorated for Christmas!  I also photographed my last wedding of the year at McDaniel college on Saturday, and I absolutely cannot wait to share more from this pretty day with you!

As always, this weekend’s lessons/quick tidbits:

  • I’m officially addicted to the Hunger Games.  Morgan and I watched the first one for the first time two weeks ago and I’m obsessed! Thursday night we finished the second one and now I can’t wait to see (3 &4)!
  • Home renovations are in full swing around here, and we’re waiting until we finish painting to get our Christmas tree… I can’t wait to get this place decorated!!
  • In case you thought we are complete Scrooges, our outdoors lights are up and they look so pretty! I’m in love!
  • Also, this weekend I discovered that Morgan has a very unique choice of describing colors… if you saw my Insta last night, you already know that my favorite color to him is “duck poop” aka a grey teal. He kills me!!
  • This did not happen this weekend, but after touring one of the houses yesterday this morning Morgan told me that we can paint the parts of our steps white… HE GAVE ME PERMISSION TO PAINT SOMETHING WHITE! Mark this down in the history books, folks!!
  • Winter weddings may be some of my favorites.  They’re so intimate and cozy… though this weekend it didn’t help that I photographed an amazing couple AND it was 50 degrees instead of 30!

And without further ado, some of my favorite images from the weekend:

Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0049 Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0052 Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0051Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0053 Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0050Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0054
Plus, Kyle + Erin’s Gorgeous Sneak Peeks

Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0055 Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0056 Christmas-in-Frederick-photo_0057

Happy Monday, friends!!


December 7, 2015

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ooooh, that is a beautiful winter wedding! I hope your painting is done soon- I’d be dying if I were not yet decorated! We had it all up Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. Such gorgeous photos! Your weekends sounds lovely :)

  3. Urška Majer says:

    That sounds like an amazing weekend! Love those previews :)

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