Salt Lake City, Utah – Ski Trip 2022

If you know me, you know I jump at any chance to wind up on a plane somewhere.  This month’s adventure? Salt Lake City, Utah.

Morgan loves to ski and planned the best trip for us and some of our friends! While we were there, I got so many fantastic food recommendations that I had to include here… consider it a tiny peek into our trip and a little guide to exploring Salt Lake City.


Our Itinerary

We arrived Thursday afternoon after a long day of travel and while most of the crew departed on Monday, Morgan and I stayed an extra night (read: kid-free).  There were 9 of us in total – and we stayed in a VRBO in West Jordan.  It was super affordable and also wasn’t too far from any of our destinations.



We arrived on different flights so some of us grabbed the rental trucks and headed to RocTaco downtown.  It was the most delicious fusion taco place.  11/10 recommend their fricado taco. (It’s like it sounds — fried avocado!)

We also grabbed dinner later on at a local brewery after picking up our rental skis and settling in!



Friday was the day we skied Park City.  It was a beautiful day and there were so many runs to explore.  It was a bit more commercialized than the other resort that we went to, but was still super pretty! Plus, it was pretty cool to be at some of the host sites for the 2002 Olympics… particularly because 2022’s had just begun while we were there!  Literally the only bummer of this trip is that there was a lack of powder with Utah being in a snow drought.


We downloaded an app that tracked our skiing, and that day it said I skied over 44 miles.  Crazy!



When Morgan was planning, we talked about finding a place to go snowmobiling.  I’m so glad he picked Park City Peaks.  He picked Saturday

We did the three hour tour and it was so much fun! Since there were 9 of us, we were the only people in the group with our tour guide.  We got to do some trail riding and drive around a bowl at the peak.  It was a blast, and I only got stuck once, lol.

Since our tour was only part of the day, we spent the afternoon walking around downtown Park City and then we finished off the day with Red Iguana II for dinner and more Olympics watching.




We skied Snowbasin on Sunday and it was for sure my favorite.  Everywhere was beautiful and heading up to the peak was insane.  We ate lunch at the top of John Paul express and the views were the perfect spot to rest for a quick bite!



After dropping everyone else at the airport, Morgan and I went for a hike to find a local hotspring.  It was a bit icy (ie, I should’ve taken notes when everyone around us had spikes, lol.) but was so fun! When else are ya going to hike to hot spring!?

We also ate at the most delicious meal at Black Sheep Cafe for dinner after driving all around and exploring.  It was such a fun day and just what the doctor ordered :)


More Food Recommendations:

If only we had had time for more, we would’ve loved to keep checking out all of these other great recommendations — 

Bombay House on Foothill Drive
The Eating Establishment
Atticus Coffee
Crown Burger


Have you ever been to Salt Lake City before? What do I need to add to my list for next time? ;)



February 24, 2022

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