Hello, November Goals & Dreams - Revamped

Helloooooo November! You are welcome here, friend.

If you live in Maryland, you’ve probably also been long awaiting the real feeling of fall and are enthralled in all the beautiful colors.  For me, this weather is always long awaited and a true crisp delight!

So it’s a new month, which means that there are a new set of goals and dreams.  I love these posts each month because I have the opportunity to check in on how things are going business-wise and personal-wise.

 HOWEVER, one thing that I’ve been noticing lately is that I haven’t been intentional about making good goals!

Sometimes this space has become a place to put a surface-level checklist that I can hopefully check off, rather than making real goals.  I’ve been so busy worrying about accomplishing rather than making progress on GOOD things. So, for the first time ever, I’m working through Lara Casey’s power sheets.  These are a product designed to go straight to the heart of your goals instead of just creating a check-list.  I am so excited to break into these and bring reallll good things coming forward.

In the meantime, for today, I want to share with you just three things:

  • My normal list of happenings for the month!
  • Celebrate one thing I did well last month
  • Talk through one thing that I need to make more progress on/work harder towards

Monthly Happenings

  • As I’m finalizing this post, I’m currently sitting in a conference room for Showit United in Phoenix, Arizona!  I love this conference each year and I’m so thrilled to be speaking this time around!
  • My sweet friend Natalie is having brain surgery next Monday.  If y’all think about it, could you just shoot up a prayer for her! It’s a pretty major surgery and I’m just praying for safety, for wisdom for the surgeries, and for great healing!
  • Our TuesdaysTogether group is serving our community this month through a service project this month! I’m so excited about this opportunity for us to gear up together as creatives and serve!
  • Morgan and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year and I am so excited… and nervous… hopefully I don’t ruin the bird!! ;)

One thing I’m celebrating…

Finalizing my talk for United — it’s been so exciting and I cannot wait to present it tomorrow morning!


One thing I need to make more progress on…

Getting ahead on content creation, so that I can be more present with the people I love and not so last minute ;)

So that’s it friend! I’ll check back in with you next month with what I’m learning about REAL goal-setting.  In the meantime, I’m wishing you a happy, happy November.




November 7, 2017

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