Hello January Sharing My Word for the Year

Hey, hey friends! I’m popping in late this evening to share with you my monthly goals and dreams *and* this year’s word of the year!

It’s funny how something you start to share about begins to be something that interests other people. I started writing out my goals and dreams as a means for holding myself accountable. Yet the last few months when I’ve skipped over sharing them, people have been asking for them!

I told someone just the other day that I feel like the years since I’ve graduated college are somehow all blending together now.  I used to have school as a benchmark for when things happened and now it’s getting harder and harder to keep track!  That’s why I love these posts.  They remind me to celebrate and reflect along the way!

For example, hiking along the gorgeous beaches of Piha Beach was just yesterday, when in reality it was 2 full years ago!  How can that even be?!

I shared back in November that one of the changes I was making to these goal posts was that I wanted to use Lara Casey’s Powersheets to create Good Goals.  These sheets check your heart about the things that matter most and help you break things down so that you actually achieve them!  Speaking to you from week three of 2018, I can genuinely say that these have helped shaped my days and allowed me to get stuff DONE!  So today I’m sharing my goal of the year and how I got there and some of my monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals!

My word for the year is implement.

It’s pretty natural for me to absorb a lot of information. I enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks regularly.  I read blogs and google articles frequently.  The problem is that sometimes I spend so much time absorbing information that I forget to actual put any of the knowledge I’m gaining into practice!  Well, no more.  My word for the year is implement, so that I can start doing the things that matter.

And to start things off, here are a few of my goals for January that point to some bigger, overarching goals for 2018:

Monthly Goals —

  • Pay taxes on time
  • Finalize, Create, Share Winter Capsule project
  • Maintain blogging calendar & share resource with other photographers for staying at it
  • Bake some cookies for a friend
  • Launch the education page of my website!!!!

Weekly Goals —

  • Carve out intentional time each week for content creation
  • Blog 3x a week
  • Limit TV time to bedtime and 2 episodes a week
  • Say yes to Morgan eagerly when it comes to helping him do projects I generally say I “no” to!

Daily Goals —

  • Take at least 5,000 steps a day
  • Set aside a time each day for gratitude
  • Prayerfully consider each work day

So there you have it friends! I’m sure I’ll share more goals for 2018 as time goes on, but for now, here’s a fresh start!

AND, an exciting announcement: see that goal that says “launch education page of my website?!” Well friends, it OFFICIALLY happened! Click here to read a bit about my photography journey, an opportunity to ask me anything without fear of judgement, AND a downloadable guide all about blogging!




January 17, 2018

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