We’re Having a Baby!! #LittleSwann

Well friends, in case you were wondering why things have been quiet around here lately, it’s because we’ve been keeping a secret!

If you missed it, last Friday Morgan and I shared with the world that we’re expecting our first baby come February!! Eek! It’s so nice to finally have the news out.  It’s weird when people ask you how you are to not be able to fully share!!

Swann Baby Lauren R Swann photo


But now that the secret is out, I figured that this would be a fun post to answer some of the questions we keep getting asked the most, or just for those of you who are curious ;)

When did you find out?

We found out together on the morning of my SIL’s birthday, but didn’t start telling our families for a little while after our first appointment!  Morgan and I just kept looking at each other waiting for the other one to let the secret slip accidentally! … I’m convinced that if it was going to be either of us, it would’ve been him!

When is your due date?

Our due date is February 21… so I guess *technically* the baby might actually be coming March of 2019 instead, but here’s to hopeful wishing and thinking!

Are you planning to find out what you’re having?

YES! I am pretty much the least patient person ever, and so waiting this long already feels so weird.  Thankfully Morgan agrees — though his reasons are probably a bit more practical than mine! We also want to call the baby by his or her name, rather than it, or baby! It just feels so impersonal!

Do you have names picked out yet?

Yes, we do :) I really love them! However, Morgan and I decided that it would be weird to post them here before we know what we’re having. So if you want to know, just ask me ;)

What’s going to happen to the capsule wardrobe?

This question literally made me laugh out loud!! The capsule will be resuming shortly, it’ll just be looking a little different. I’m attempting to just wear my clothes that I have already until I can’t anymore! However, that means that I’ve decided not to limit myself to a certain number of pieces just for practicality sake.

So the concepts that the capsule wardrobe has taught me will *definitely* help as I prep for a wardrobe with maternity wear!!

Are you guys working on planning the nursery already?

Well first of all, not just yet! We’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even had much time to think about it.  Plus, temporarily, Morgan’s parents are occupying the nursery while their house is getting built, so we will put that project off until then!

We can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for everyone who has been excited for us and with us! Y’all are trulyyyy the best!! We’re excited to share this fun new journey with you!!


August 15, 2018

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