Our First Anniversary


It’s been one year since people were busy setting up the ceremony and reception site at the farm.  It’s been one year since literally dozens of people were hard at work moving tables, putting up my chalkboard signs, making sure the chairs were in perfect order, calling to add a side to the tent when literally all of the decorations were flying off the tables, setting up the Princess Diaries inspired dartboard, and for helping to make our wedding day so incredibly special.  THANK YOU, to all the people who made our day just absolutely perfect.  It’s been one year since I put on my wedding dress.  It’s been one year since we took bridesmaids’ photos behind our apartment.  It’s been one year since Lucas and Josh almost punched Morgan in the face to avoid him from seeing me.  It’s been one year since Mr. John drove me up in Murdock to marry my best friend.

It’s been one year since we took photos in “Narnia,” (Haha, Katelyn).  It’s been one year since we shared our first dance together as man and wife.  It’s been one year since you smashed that blue cake right up my nose.  It’s been one year since we were impaled with giant marsh mellows.

One year later, as beautiful as our wedding day was, the thing I’m most grateful for is that we have a marriage that is much more beautiful than our wedding day.  Sometimes, okay let’s be honest (mostly) that means having too much laundry to do and a less-than-tidy apartment.  Sometimes it means taking long car rides and road trips, where I somehow manage to drive only about a total of an hour.  Sometimes it means staying home and having lazy Sunday afternoons.  The beauty in our marriage comes a lot of times from the mundane and not just from the fun adventures that we get go on.  The beauty in our marriage comes from just doing life together.

Morgan, I am so incredibly blessed to be your wife.  You serve me so well and manage to make me laugh so hard even when all I’m trying to do is stay upset with you.  The way you love other people is such an excellent example for me.  Thank you for always taking out the trash.  Thank you for showing me how to be a little bit more like Jesus to people.  Thank you for loving me even when I’m a mess.  Thank you for agreeing to do life with me forever.  I love you and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for us.  Happy Anniversary!



May 12, 2014

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  1. Katie says:

    yes yes yes love love love!!! XOXOXOXO

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