Planning a Thoughtful Wedding Ceremony

Brides, today I’m sharing with you three tips for creating a thoughtful wedding ceremony.

Now before I get started, please note that I’m sharing these tips with you because after attending (aka photographing) almost 100 weddings in the last few years, I’ve seen a ceremony or two ;)  I think you can always tell when a wedding ceremony is well thought out and when it feels impersonal.

I’ve seen the full gamut – including when a priest forgot the bride’s name… yikes!

Since the ceremony happens to be the whole point of the wedding day, I think this should also be one of the most valued when it comes to planning.  I mean, I love beautiful pictures and details, but if we miss the significance of the ceremony — then why does the rest of it matter?  Your whole wedding day is laced in legacy, but the ceremony is when you officially become husband and wife!

So today, I’m sharing with you a few suggestions to mix and match to create a thoughtful wedding ceremony for you and your guests!

Choosing an officiant that knows you!

There’s something so personal about having an officiant who knows you and knows your story!  They can provide unique insight into your relationship!  I think it’s so fun for your guests get to hear your officiant’s perspective on how things unfolded!  For example, just this past weekend my husband and I were at a wedding for our dear friends John and Racheal.  It was both hilarious and so sweet to listen to the officiant’s take on John, his pursuit of Racheal, and the fun quirks along the way!  The officiant knew the significance behind the bonfire that was behind them, knew the things he loved most about each of them, and why they are such a perfect pair!  Having someone you don’t know very well doesn’t always mimic this effect…

If you want guests to really feel what you’re feeling and share in such genuine excitement, I think this is the number one way to go!

** However! I will say that if you’re choosing someone you don’t know super well, it’s super important that you choose a pro! They’re so well versed and knowledgable in this area that I’ve heard some great messages in the middle of the ceremony that tell the couple’s story too — it’s just more objective :)

Involve friends and family that aren’t in the wedding party, as speakers or musicians!

Hearing your favorite verse, poem, etc. read by one of your dear friends or family members, is so much more fun! It gives them a place to serve y’all during the wedding and it instantly feels more personal!

Ps. This is just a side note, but its sort of related! Think wisely when you choose your readings for the ceremony.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear the same verses read that don’t seem to have significant meaning to the couple!  I think sometimes we feel like there is a ceremony check-list that includes specific readings – but if it doesn’t mean something to you two, it doesn’t feel very personal.

Andrew and Robin’s wedding “homily” and readings were so fun and specific to them and truly showed their love for their Lord versus coming across as forced.

Share the things that you’ve planned intentionally with your guests so they can pay attention for them.

One thing I LOVE is when couples have a fun program! I’ve seen ones that include such fun details…

  1. Who each of the members of the bridal party are and what they love about them!
  2. The reason they selected that song they’re walking down the aisle to — it was their song!
  3. The legacy and history of their venue!
  4. That their first date happened at the spot they’re getting hitched!

The sky is the limit when it comes to this, but it’s such a great opportunity to share what things matter to you!

So as you’re prepping for your ceremony, keep these things in mind! It creates such a great experience for you and your guests! What better way to say “I do,” than in a way that’s personal to you? Happy planning, friends!


December 14, 2017

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