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Oh, where to begin with this family…  For the last year, Chris has been trying to set up a time for us to get together for some fun, candid, family portraits!  This family is so sweet and I loved my time with them last Sunday.  I had an absolute blast with them, and while I currently only accept family portrait requests from friends, sessions like these fuel me!  Enjoy a few of my favorites! Happy weekend, friends!East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0051 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0052 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0053 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0054 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0055 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0056 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0057 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0058 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0059 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0060 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0061 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0062 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0063 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0064 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0065 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0066 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0067 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0068
East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0070 East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0069East-Coast-Fine-Art-Portrait-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0071




May 1, 2015

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  1. Brea says:

    I just love that you did these at their home! It’s so precious and really captures this very moment in their lives. You can tell they’re such a happy family! Beautiful!

  2. What a beautifully authentic session!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love this session! You captured so much love and joy.

  4. What a sweet session, Lauren!

  5. Serena says:

    I love the happy feel of this session – especially with it being at their home! They all look like they’re having such an awesome time.

  6. Emily says:

    I love how happy they all look together – what great memories they’ll have from this!

  7. Renee says:

    I love these Lauren! Such a fun session

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