Goals + Dreams Hello August!!

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It’s already that time again… time to examine this month’s goals and dreams.  Sometimes when I write these posts, I come back to them and check-in every once in a while and other times I just completely forget to.  Months like those it’s a surprise of what I had promised myself I would do and I have to admit this month was one of those months!  This month was so busy and packed full that I’m left feeling a little bit like a chicken with my head cut off! Haha!  So this month, I will try and fix that!  So let’s see what’s on the calendar for this month:


  • I’m shooting a couple of weddings with two of my sweet friends! I can’t wait!
  • ‘Tis the season of Senior Portraits and I love it!! I have quite a few portraits scheduled for month that I am super excited for!!
  • My new Sample Albums finally got ordered and should be arriving any day now!! I can’t wait to see them!!!


  • We’re hosting quite a few parties this month and that should be lots of fun!
  • While this isn’t quite a good thing, school starts August 27 for me… whomp, whomp, whomp!
  • On a happier note, this month marks 6 years of Morgan and I being together!! That’s crazy!!

Goals + Dreams for July:

Business Goals:

  • Finish up all editing.. I have a lot in the works right now but not all of it is completed! (CHECK!)
  • Stay on top of blogging! (CHECK!)
  • Plan further in advance for MPH and make it really happen… except for this week! (Nope… I may have to either get better at this one or revisit it!)
  • Book one session while we are in South Carolina! (Check, unexpectantly!)

Personal Goals:

  • Have fun!  This month is packed full and I’m so excited to have a blast! (Check!)
  • Work on a capsule wardrobe… maybe! This is a scary goal for me and so I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do it! (Fail, I don’t have the courage yet!)
  • Finish personal editing too! (Mostly, check!)

Goals + Dreams for August:

Business Goals:

  • Shoot my weddings and senior sessions well
  • Create a blogging calendar and stick to it
  • Write more posts from the heart
  • Save up to purchase a new lens (this might go into next month’s too!)

Personal Goals:

  • Eat healthy.  This seems to often be on the list, but really, it needs to happen!
  • Stick to the chore list that Morgan and I made together
  • Use social media less


August 7, 2014

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