What is a Capsule Wardrobe? My Process & Pieces

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!

Let me just start off this post by first saying – thank you!  Last week I posted about something that to me, feels super vulnerable and out of my comfort zone, but y’all swooped in and made sure that I didn’t feel alone!  I’m so grateful — for your support, for your responses afterwards, seriously!

If you missed last week’s post, I shared about my desire to create a capsule wardrobe and why!  You can read about it here!  However, quite a few of you reached out to me and asked what a capsule wardrobe even is, so today I figured I would share my working definition, my process inspired by Un-fancy, and all the nitty gritty! So:

A capsule wardrobe is a limited collection of clothing articles worn for a season at a time.

The purpose behind this more minimal approach is to appreciate the clothing you already have, but never wear, and to eliminate the desire to replace your whole closet ;)

So as I sat down to do a little wardrobe planning, I admittedly was struggling with the multi-faceted parts of my closet.  I need clothes for every day life, for weddings, for working out, etc.  I also live in Maryland, which means fall can swing from 35 degrees to 90 in about 2.5 seconds flat! *insert face palm here*

I have to admit it was a little overwhelming.  Especially when it came to pairing down clothes that I really love to wear!  But, I pushed through – and I utilized this planning guide to help!

The only exception that I made (mostly because the weather here is bi-polar), is that I didn’t include outerwear or footwear in my capsule plans.  I also excluded any kind of workout clothes, because we’re just taking this process one step at a time ;)

After I posted last week is when I got to work on pairing things down and so I’ve been wearing things from my capsule for almost a week now, and so far so good! Check back in with me next week though ;) haha!

My Closet Break-Down

8 dresses (again, for shooting this number is larger than most)
17 tops (long sleeved, short sleeved, and a few tanks – because 90 degrees)
4 sweaters (3 cardigans and a pull-over)
7 bottoms ( mostly jeans and a skirt)


So there you have it folks! I’m excited to walk down this journey and will do my best to show the different pairings I end up with over the next few months! And just to show you what will basically be my daily uniform:

Planning and Defining a Capsule Wardrobe

Messy hair, denim tee, and jeans.  The floral bouquet is just totally candid and normal right?! ?

Happy Weekend friends, thanks for joining the journey!




September 22, 2017

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  2. […] If you don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, I blogged about it here.  The goal behind it was to utilize the clothes that I already have and use them, rather than running out to grab something new just because.  It teaches a mindset of buying pieces that you’ll use and pair with lots of things.  It helps eliminate wasteful purchasing of an articles of clothing you’ll only wear once (or leave in the closet with the tags on!).  It also helped me learn what pieces I think look flattering on me versus a cute top that I’ll never end up actually wearing.  Documenting the process here was a really great way to hold myself accountable and so I plan to do the same thing again! […]

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