Monday’s Mash-up

Good morning friends!! How was everyone’s weekend?! As you’ll notice, today is not Monday, but I’m giving myself a little bit of grace on that fact today!  If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram at all (and if you’re not, you totally should for some exclusive sneak peeks!) you know that this weekend was my last wedding-less weekend until July!! Ah!! I am so excited to kick off this busy season with a bang, but it was also really great to spend time with my family and friends this weekend for one more weekend of relaxation!

Without further ado, this weekend’s happenings:

  • Friday night, Morgan and I helped our friends Brooke and Adam move into their new apartment! You may remember them from their Fell’s Point Couples Portrait Session
  • Saturday morning was spent at a baby shower and then getting ready for Ben’s prom!  This weekend little Benny went to his senior prom and it was so fun getting to see the getting-ready portion and grabbing a few photos while the gang was all together! You can see a few peeks of that below!
  • Saturday night my little sister got home from Italy and so we celebrated by picking crabs!  Man were they delicious!
  • Sunday was spent celebrating my sister’s arrival home, but also getting to see her before she takes off again for the summer to Texas!  We also got to spend time with our friends Chris and Morgan who just got back from a school semester in California!

Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0063 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0064 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0065 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0066 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0067 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0068 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0069 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0070 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0071 Santa-Barbara-California-Fine-Art-Editorial-Photographer-Lauren-R-Swann-photo_0072

Phew! It was a busy weekend and with errands taking up my time all of yesterday, that’s the reason for Monday’s Mash-up getting posted today! Happy Tuesday friends!


May 19, 2015

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  1. Natalie says:

    Sounds like an amazing weekend! My last weekend off until September is this upcoming weekend… I know what you mean by cherishing it! Wedding season is in full swing! Ahhhhh!

  2. Brea says:

    Aww it sounds like you had such an awesome weekend! It feels so nice to have a weekend off to spend with family, and I’m so glad you were able to soak it in before the craziness kicks in!

  3. Kate Ann says:

    Sounds like an amazing weekend! These prom photos are so pretty! There needs to be a socially acceptable adult photog prom haha.

  4. Beautiful images! I love the color!

  5. Renee says:

    Oh Prom season!! So much fun!!

  6. Lauren C says:

    Busy weekend!! Such sweet prom photos :) And I want that girl’s blue dress!

  7. Carly Fuller says:

    How time flies! Beautiful prom photos

  8. Heleyna says:

    Wonderful mash-up!

  9. Jennifer says:

    It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I can’t wait to see more!

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