Capsule Wardrobe 2.0 – a 10×10 Challenge

Have you ever heard a speaker say something that just pulled right at your heartstrings? Like they were saying something that was meant for you to hear?

I was listening to a sermon the other day and I couldn’t help but feel this way.  The topic was more, and how we start off on this slippery slope with well intentions, until we find ourselves “needing” and “needing”.  The exact items are different for every person, but the desire is really the heart issue.

The example he gave was about a t-shirt his brother-in-law gifted him for Christmas.  What a great gift, right!?  Well from there, he “needed” a new watch to match, and then a new belt, and so on and so forth.  Before he knew it, he couldn’t even be grateful for the gift he was given, because he was too consumed with the snowball effect of more!  As he’s talking, I’m over here sinking in my seat further and further.  If that’s not me to a tee, I don’t know what is! I get stuck in this cycle so easily!

The part that really stuck with me though was that in our quest for more, he quoted John D. Rockefeller:

When the millionaire/oil tycoon was asked, “How much money is enough money?” He replied, “Just a little bit more.”

And that’s when it hits me, not like brand new information, but rather information I’d usually rather ignore — I’ve been trying to be filled by something that won’t satisfy.  I’ve been putting contentment on the back burner for things that don’t matter!

You see I find the shopping experience very satisfying.  I like putting things in my cart, I like pressing “buy!”  I love waiting for the package to arrive and unpacking it like some Instagram blogger, but just to myself, lol!  I get excited about the whole process!  BUT, those feelings only last until the next “thing I need” comes along.

Have you ever felt like that, or is it just me? (Tell me I’m not alone!!)

10x10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge


So after I listened to this sermon, I was chatting with a few friends at small group about it and asking for accountability, since I could feel the snowball effect was at the cusp of starting up again.  It’s then that my friend Lori reminded me about my capsule wardrobe experiment I did for most of last year (until I got pregnant, and then I had a reallllllly capsule wardrobe, just a little less on purpose, lol!).

If you don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, I blogged about it here.  The goal behind it was to utilize the clothes that I already have and use them, rather than running out to grab something new just because.  It teaches a mindset of buying pieces that you’ll use and pair with lots of things.  It helps eliminate wasteful purchasing of an articles of clothing you’ll only wear once (or leave in the closet with the tags on!).  It also helped me learn what pieces I think look flattering on me versus a cute top that I’ll never end up actually wearing.  Documenting the process here was a really great way to hold myself accountable and so I plan to do the same thing again!

As a reminder for myself, here are a few ground rules to abide by —

  1. No shopping for more pieces.  Get creative with what you already have!
  2. The number of articles: we’ll try for 40. That includes tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes. I do not need to include work-out gear, undergarments, or swimwear.  It also will exclude special occasions/work clothes, but the concept is the same for those occasions — just no buying more!
  3. This season’s clothing picks will go in effect from May-June.
  4. Before, I’ve gone “around” the rules a bit by using gift cards to fill the gaps.  For this season, those are banned too ;) The point here is to filter my desire for more, not “not spend money!”

The best part? This time, I’d love to invite you to do the same thing with me! My good friend Tori and I are teaming up today to start a 10×10 challenge.  It means you have 10 items of clothing (excluding shoes and undergarments) to choose from and you have to wear those 10 and only those 10 for 10 days!  The pieces I’m choosing are all a part of my full capsule.  I’m just kicking off this capsule with some new creativity! Curious? My recipe is below!

I’ll be posting creative ways to style these 10 articles on Instagram stories and I’d love to see you do the same thing!!  If you’re up for the challenge, be sure to comment below or send me a DM so that I can follow your journey too.

So folks, that’s all! Happy Monday!


May 6, 2019

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    This is SO inspiring and you’re amazing for listening to the Lord’s calling in this area of your life. I can’t wait to hear how it all goes for you, Lauren!

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