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One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the getting ready time, and getting to shoot all of the fun bridal details!! I ask my brides to provide all of these details for me so that I can shoot because 1) we  all want fun artsy shots of our dresses, shoes, etc. 2) this provides a time for me to get a feel of the day, 3) this is my opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and ready for the rest of your day!!  So here’s the list of things I typically shoot on a wedding day:

The dress: I ask all of my brides to wait until I get there to put on their dress so that we can have fun shots like this one.  It’s also so much fun to photograph everyone helping you into your dress!  I also suggest that my brides have a nicer (wooden) hanger for their dresses because it just looks so much better in pictures than a plastic one!

The Veil/Hairpieces 

The rings! I ask my brides to give me all three of the rings while they’re getting ready for a couple of reasons.  First of all, if I wait until the reception to shoot your rings, the images won’t be consistent with the rest of your details’ shots.  Second of all, as a bride, once that ring was on my finger, there was no way I wanted to take it off!! Plus, if it’s a hot day, it might be hard to get off if your hands are swelling!!

Shoes! I hope you remember to bring these on your wedding day… if not it might be a little tricky getting around (; However shooting the shoes is so fun, and especially if you’re ordering an album, a lot of times the shoe shots help pull everything together!!

The Bouquet! I love flowers and shooting the bouquet is one of my favorite details to shoot! That means you have to have the bouquet delivered to where you are getting ready!! Make sure you don’t forget that!!

Jewelry! I ask all of my brides to make sure they wait until they have the dress on to put on their jewelry because then not only can I capture all of it with the detail shots, but it also makes for fun bridal portraits!  Especially if we’re low on time, giving you an action like putting on your earrings or having your mom help you with your necklace, it creates such sweet moments and photographs.  Trust me, when you put the jewelry on afterwards, its so much sweeter and everything kind of sinks in then!



I also ask my brides to have their invitations, any keepsakes, and perfume, if they have them, at a place where I can have access to them!


August 1, 2013

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