The Thing All Brides Should Strive for

I think that if there’s something that brides desire on a wedding day, it’s wanting to be able to relive every moment – to remember it all as it happened.  I think that this is such a beautiful sentiment (hence my job description as capture-r of moments ;), but it’s not the only thing that you should prioritize on your wedding day.  And yes, your wedding photographer just said so ;)

I think capturing moments is a great thing, but if those moments you’re experiencing are full of stress, they might not be as picture perfect as you may hope.


Ah, stress – that pesky five-letter-word that is enough to send you into a panic! Repeat after me dear friends – No. One. Wants. To. Spend. Their. Wedding. Day. Stressed!! Agreed?! Agreed!



Now that we’re all on the same page about that, I’d like to share my three favorite tricks for making sure that your wedding day feels relaxed:

1) Invest in a Wedding Planner

I feel like this could be a whole post in and of itself, but the value that a wedding planning brings to the table is just plain incredible and to me, totally worth the price tag that comes with it! They make sure that all the little details of the day (that you don’t have time for nor should need to pay attention to) run without a hitch.  They also have a huge knowledge base when it comes to planning because they’ve seen tons of weddings – the best and worst sides of them, and can be prepared to handle most anything!  Trust me, my bride’s who have had planners have almost all had something go a little array on their wedding day without them even knowing about it, because the planner stepped in to save the day!

2) Make Decisions Ahead of Time

In most cases, when brides end up feeling stressed its because they have to make decisions on their day – either big or small.  From what color lip stain they should wear, to what to do if it rains, to where the guestbook should be – making those decisions ahead of time are a huge help to your stress level!

3) Give Your Bridesmaids Permission to Calm You Down

Your bridesmaids are such a huge tool that you can use on your wedding day! Chances are, they know you best and what’s going to cause you stress or not!  Give them permission to either include you or exclude you from anything that’s going on… chances are, on your wedding day, ignorance is bliss ;)


And a bonus tip? Make sure you take some time to soak it all in… your wedding day will fly by if you’re not careful.  Happy planning, friends!!




May 17, 2017

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