Intentionality in Marriage It's the Little Things

Well friends, hello and happy Thursday to you! I hope your day has been spectacular thus far… and if it hasn’t started that way, well, I hope this little post will change that for you!


Today I’m digging in to something that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this week, but first, a little back story:

One of my favorite business ladies to follow is Lara Casey and her company Cultivate What Matters.  Not only does Lara have an incredible story, but the main heartbeat behind her business is intentionality, something that I’m all about!  In preparation for this summer, she and her team have launched a challenge to have more intentional friendships, with little prompts along the way to help!

I love this challenge because how often do we forget that our relationships need tending to?


Lara is a master gardener (and therefore this recovering plant killer’s go-to for resources) and her analogies always point back to the garden and how the little things make all the difference…

… Like the fact that if you leave your precious little seedlings out in direct sun for four hours instead of the three your garden-whizz husband instructed you to, they might (almost) die! (I told you that I’m a RECOVERING plant killer right?! Haha!!)


But in all seriousness, how are we tending to our relationships and our marriage?  What are the little opportunities of encouragement that we’re missing?  If our marriage was a garden, would it have enough water and sunlight?

For me, I’m the queen at forgetting to show Morgan how grateful I am for him.  He does so much to serve me on a regular basis, that sometimes it just becomes “normal” for me.  And so, in the spirit of Lara’s challenge for intentional friendships, I’m challenging myself to also be intentional in our marriage too.  I’ll be following the little prompts or making up my own – just little ways to show Morgan that I care.

And friends, I’ll need your help to keep me accountable!  If you see me, do you mind asking me how I’m doing with this? That gentle reminder will be so appreciated.


First up on my list: Bake Morgan a Berry Pie ✓

(  PS. Don’t ask me for the recipe on this.. I’m the world’s worst baker… though I’m sure I’ll share more about why on another day ;)  )



May 18, 2017

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  1. Although I’m not married yet I definitely agree with how important being intentional is! That tiny pie is so cute!!

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