Reese Adaline Turns 2 – Happy Birthday to Our Girl

Somehow we blinked (and waited, and played, and colored, and “un-ed,” and laughed) and our girl turned two.

We spent our day doing all of your favorite things: 

waking up to a very large, and pretty extra “2” balloon
a bubble bath
mac n’ cheese and tomato & cucumber salad for lunch
nap with bunny
licking the icing beater
going for a drive in your new jeep (and later on with Rhett, even if you weren’t as thrilled to share as these photos let on ;))
reading books with dada
having a family dinner with some of your favorite people all in one spot

It was pure delight, just like you little girl <3

Things I don’t want to forget about you at age 2:

  • The way you snuggle in tight.  I’m convinced you give the best hugs in the world, wrapping your little arms around everyone’s necks and pulling tight! (and I normally don’t even like hugs, haha!)
  • You loveeee people and thrive off making people laugh and spending time with each person.
  • All of your little words for everything.  You love “roni” (pepperoni) and ask for it every day for lunch. “Bunny” aka Zootopia is your favorite movie.  “Bets” are the bracelets you steal from everyone wearing them — proof that jewelry can be a love language for girls even before they turn two.
  • You are plenty thrilled to sit and look at a book by yourself for a long time! It doesn’t take much to entertain you and you can make anything fun.  Case-in-point, a few days ago you spent 20 minutes stacking red cups on your knees! Whatever works ;)
  • The way you squeallll in delight whenever your Dada comes in the room!  You two adore each other and it makes me so happy to watch!
  • Your obsession with animals and your dogs in particular — “Mouckk” and “‘Alter”, who are sooo “siyyyyeee” (aka silly).
  • You are such a big girl these days — taking on potty training (quite well!) and a new big girl bed all before you turned two! You’re a champ girlfriend.
  • The list of things you thank God for every night when we say our prayers.  It always starts with your bed, because clearly you love sleep.  It’s followed closely by whichever of your aunts and uncles you’ve seen most recently — you adore them all!  It made my mama heart particularly happy the other night when you thanked God for Sully without me prompting you.  It’s going to be so fun watching you be a big sister!!
  • When you sit on the big potty each time you say “Wooooahhhh” like you’re about to fall in, even though you’re not! It cracks me up!
  • Most of all, you love to be a helper, and that’s one of things your dad and I wanted to instill in you! It makes me happy every time you help with the dishes, throw things in the trash, “help” Dada with his measuring tape in the attic, and “feed” the puppies.

In case you can’t tell, I (and your dad!) am pretty darn smitten with you Reesey girl.  I am so proud of you for all that you’ve learned this year and all the ways you’ve made us laugh.  You are the brightest (and sometimes hardest, #reallife) part of our days.  We love you so very much and can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

A portrait of a two-year-old if I’ve ever seen one ;)

We weren’t curious, but this photo definitely validates that you’re mine.  A girl and her love for icing!

Officially 2 going on 16!


February 22, 2021

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