Phoenix, Arizona

Good morning! This post is getting up a little bit later than I had hoped this morning, but it appears that yesterday is when my body decided to start being on West Coast time… not the four days before that. (So helpful!)  Anyways, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite images from my most recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona.  It was my first time to the desert, and while I love my lush green grass, photographing this setting was a lovely change of pace.  I was also super excited that it wasn’t near as hot as I thought it was going to be! Phew!

The purpose of this trip was to spend time at the Showit United Conference.  Showit is an incredible software company that also promotes the idea of creating community amongst other photographers, so that we can share each others struggles, lift each other up, and make an otherwise office for one feel more full through online interactions!  This company is full of wonderful people who dedicate so much of their time to just simply making sure other people are loved well.  

Amongst meeting friends old and new and getting to spend time with them for a few days, one of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to teach a styled shoot with my dear friend Natalie.  We taught our attendees some of the basics of creating beautiful styled images, and our friends Poppy and Scooter & Adorn provided a beautiful invitation suite and ribbon for each attendee! I can’t thank them enough! I loved getting to watch everyone implementing what they learned and meeting new friends, too!

On the last leg of our trip, before we hit the airport, I knew that I wanted to go an explore the tiniest part of desert, and I’m so glad we had time to.  A huge thanks to Melissa Jill for letting us crash on her couch (that’s a story for another day!) and for giving us so many great recommendations!  This trip was definitely one to remember!

Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo0 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo3Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo1Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo4 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo2 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo5

Just had to take an extra second to say thank you to these sweet friends! They are SUCH encouragers and I absolutely loved getting to hear each of them speak on something God put on their hearts in front of everyone! They each killed it in their talks!!

Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo6 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo7 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo8 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo9 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo10 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo11 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo12 Phoenix_Arizona_and_Destination_Landscapes_by_Lauren_R_Swann-photo13


Lauren’s Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona Recommendations:
Eat: Chelsea’s Kitchen, Paradise Bakery, the Mission, and if you like Coffee, Cartel Coffee was supposedly amazing… I myself don’t drink it.

Sleep: We stayed at the Firesky Resort & Spa and it was lovely.  I realized yesterday that the only snapchats I had sent were of the pool, but I promise the rest of it was beautiful too!

Do: Spend time with friends, hit up the Scottsdale Mall, explore Papago Park, and photograph your friends in gala attire in said park, plus, take at least one picture of a cactus.



October 22, 2015

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  1. Brea says:

    What an amazing landscape! I would love to make it to Arizona some time! I can’t wait to see images from the styled shoot!

  2. Natalie says:

    Such an amazing trip! Loved spending it with you!

  3. Laura says:

    Wow I love those scenery shots! Looks like you had an amazing time with good friends!

  4. Anna Arpasi says:

    You really captured the beauty of the landscape! I’m jealous, I’ve never been! Hope you had an amazing time!

  5. stacy hart says:

    So fun! One day I will stop having babies and get to go out there :)

  6. Renee says:

    So glad you all had so much fun! Looks like an awesome trip!

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