Hello March a month at a glance

Ah, March!

Does anyone else feel like they can just take a deep breathe of relief when March rolls around each year? It feels like we’re on the cusp of springtime and nothing quite makes my heart go pitter patter… with the exception of actual spring.

Because I live for the days when you walk outside and the sun hits your face.  The days where we trade boots for sandals.  The days when brown returns to green.

So again I’ll say, ahhhh, March!

This month is always the start of busy for me.  Even if I’m not shooting as much just yet, I’ve got meetings galore and lots of fun on my calendar this month.  One of the things I’m looking forward to most is our yearly girls trip.  Every year the same group of us tries to get together, and for the first time since the beginning, we’ll all actually get to be together.  I adore my time with these women and am just so excited!!

I should also note that while I was in the process of making goals for this month, I’m simultaneously am reading “Finish” by Jon Acuff.  SUCH a good book. If you’re looking for something to add to your list, do it! It’s hilarious and actually makes a lot of sense.

One of the things he suggests doing when it comes to our goals is cutting them in half.  It’s like playing a mental game with ourselves so that we’re more likely to actually follow through and not shame ourselves after we’ve mistaken something! Sounds pretty freeing.

I’ll let ya know next month if I agree ;)

So friends, without further ado here are my goals for the month.  They’re broken down into monthly, weekly, daily action items that all point to my yearly goals!


  • Plant seeds for spring
  • Spend more time reading scripture
  • Curate the spring capsule wardrobe! Woohoo!!
  • Finish repainting the guest room and closet
  • Learn Adobe Illustrator


  • Commit to working out twice a week either at the gym or outside as it gets nicer out
  • Limit sugar intake to twice a week… this one’s going to be a hard one for this sugar addict friends!
  • Schedule social media ahead of time so that I’m working from a place of productivity rather than procrastination.
  • Work from the office 3 times a week


  • Take at least 6,000 steps a day
  • Take time to encourage someone, in a big way or a small way
  • Drink 6 cups of water a day
  • Start each work day off with scripture


And there you have it! What are some of the things you’re hoping to accomplish this month?

Goal Get ‘Em Tigers…

March Goals & Dreams | Rifle Paper Company's Calendars 2018 | Lauren R Swann Photography

(Bahaha, thanks for indulging my cheesy)


March 7, 2018

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