6 Months of Quinn Everly Swann

Well, Quinn, it seems only fitting as the third child in our family, that your first blog post comes at six months old.  While you are just as vital to our family happenings… having three kids four and under has somehow managed to delay my journaling.  I have no idea why.

Have no fear, we finally get to introduce you to the blog and tell a little bit about you, you teeny mighty little thing.

To start, I’ve already given you a complex before you were even born.

You see you are the only child that has decided to come after your due date, and in the end of pregnancy fits I had, I made sure to repeat a few times a day that you had no chance of ever been my favorite child as a result.

You’re welcome for this material that you can one day share with your therapist. The complex you now have, started from the get-go.

Alas, you arrived two days after your due date. 

(Warning, birth story ahead, so divert your eyes if that’s not your thing, and just skip on through to where ya see the pictures flowing of that cute gummy little smile.)

In fact, the morning you were born, I woke up at 4 AM to find that our Internet was out and I needed to watch a show to fall back to sleep.  Much to my delight, Comcast Business answers phone calls even at 4 AM, and the sweetest lady tried to walk me through how to fix our Internet there and then.

With no fix able to be accomplished remotely, we decided to schedule a next-available appointment with a technician.  About halfway through this conversation, I had come to the realize that I had actually started having contractions. When she confirmed that the technician will be here at 9:30 in the morning I had to say, well, I might have to cancel this because I think I’m in labor… but for now let’s just go ahead and get the Internet fixed.

Fast forward to 9:30 AM when my contractions are about 6 to 7 minutes apart and I can hear Reese downstairs telling the technician all about her life story.  There’s nothing like being in labor while a stranger is downstairs fixing your Internet, but you know desperate times call for desperate measures.  I was just happy to watching White House Down and distracting myself as each new wave came.

Luckily, as he finished up resolving the issue, only then is when my contractions decided to speed up.

We called the moms to take care of the kids and headed to the hospital upon calling my OB and hearing, “Yeah let’s get you to the hospital… this is your third kid.”

So we arrived at the hospital by 10:30 in the morning, got taken back and checked in and found out that I was already to 5cm and they decided to keep us.

By 1230 we were settled into our room and contractions were coming quite steadily.  Per my normal request I said “hey, let’s get that epidural going.” By then I was about 8 cm dilated and contractions were coming quite frequently.

When the student anesthesiologist came in, I quickly requested the head anesthesiologist do it and in a surprising turn events, it only worked on one side.  Morgan told me I just should have had faith in the first guy.  But, after a little finagling, this issue was resolved, and I am happy to report that like your other siblings, your birth was really a great experience.

Epidurals are magical.

By 3:39 PM you were here and all ours.  All 8 pounds 1 ounce of you.  Our longest babe, at 20.5 inches long… a half an inch longer than your sister.

What’s funny is when I met Sully for the first time, I had this weird moment of déjà vu because even though Reese and Sully, don’t look that much alike now, as newborns to me, they looked like spitting images of each other.  You however, came out as your own little person from the get go.  You are sweet as can be, our tiniest, gal yet.

Your siblings have been smitten with you from the start, and the little connections that you’re foraging with each of them are so sweet.  I hope they are an indicator of all the adventures to come.

Quinn Everly these last six months as you have been such a joy.  I’m not quite sure how we got here so fast but I wouldn’t trade it.  You’re a mama’s girl and you have the sweetest squeal that can quickly turn sideways, but we love you anyway.

I can’t wait to keep watching who you become.

If the first six months are any indicator, you will be a walking contradiction… a force to be reckoned with and oh so sweet.


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June 5, 2023

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