2 Years of Sullivan James – Happy Birthday, Sully J

Sully J Turns 2

Today is a big day around here.  I’m heading off to my first wedding of the year and Sully J is turning two.

He is the definition of charming… he can get out of (most) trouble with that little smirk of his.

He adores his sisters.  “Gogo,” as he’s affectionately named Quinn, is one of his favorite people ever.  He has been the perfect big brother to her.  He’s very gentle, always excited to see her, loves to hold her, help & play. “Sissy” on the other hand may just be his favorite person.  When we say our prayers at night, she’s the first name he lists that he is grateful for.  When she gets him up as nap time is over, he exclaims “SISSSSSSSYYYY!” and it’s enough to melt your heart.  Okay, it does melt my heart.

Sully J is his dada’s boy: obsessed with trucks, mowing, the firehouse, and is a bit more accident prone than we would like.  His injury list on a regular basis is pretty extensive (his coordination he must have gotten from his mama).

Most noteworthy: he managed to land himself in the ER this winter when, by freak accident, he dropped a stool on his toe taking the end almost completely off.

It happened during dinner prep of course. Morgan was upstairs vacuuming, and after my yells for help landed on deaf ears, I sent Reese to find him.  She told Morgan that “mom wants you because Sully has a bloody nose.” Reasonably, Morgan did not change his pace and was planning to just finish up.  That is until I yelled screamed “BABE, IT’S SERIOUS!” and he came to swoop in… saving the day!  To no surprise to anyone, Sully took the whole thing like a champ, charming all the nurses & doctors. When I arrived at the hospital after feeding Quinn (did I mention this happened when she was a NEWBORN!?), he was loop-ily and giddly getting stitched up.

To keep his bandage on, Morgan duct-taped a sock over his foot.  This undoubtedly became the highlight of Sully’s day.  To this day he will strip off all of his clothes but get upset when you try and take the sock off his now-recovered foot.  Thankfully, with modern medicine on board and the freaky nature by which toddlers can heal, you’d never know that anything happened to his left big toe!

Things I don’t want to forget about you right now —

  • The most frequent words in your repertoire? “Noooooooo!” and “Whyyyyy!?” both said with enough cheer and charm to make us all want to laugh and keep chatting more.
  • The way you fit perfectly in my arms right now.  You rest your head on my shoulder and wrap your legs around me and I just melt.
  • Your love for Lighting McQueen & Mater run deep.  We have watched Cars and every iteration what feels like at least 4305 times.
  • You made the transition to a real bed when you were only 17 months old.  You did so like a champ!  We are so proud of the big boy you’re becoming.
  • When we’re driving around town, you squeal with delight at every care and truck you see!
  • There was a span of time this fall when I would take your picture and you would just sprawl out on your stomach like that’s how you were meant to pose.  We died every time.
  • However, nothing is more entertaining (or louder) than your “CHEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEE” when a camera points your way.  It’s like your mom is a photographer or something.
  • This year, your dad surprised you with a sandbox for your birthday.  I have a feeling we’re going to have a hard time keeping you out of it this summer.

Last but not least, every day when you wake up, you check the window to see if your dad is home.  I think it’s safe to say you love your family and we are so grateful to have you in it <3

The world is a better place with you in it Sullivan James Swann, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be your mom.  Happy happy birthday, sweet boy… I can’t believe you are two!


May 4, 2023

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