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This has been such an exciting month!!  First of all, on Sunday, Megan & David got married!!! Stay tuned for some shots I grabbed of them during their special day! Now I know that’s not back in August, but I’m still so excited about it I just had to post it here too!!  I also accomplished a bunch of firsts, with more to come!! So in my book, August was awesome! I was shooting almost everyday (my camera, folks) which is always a good thing and I held my first family, engagements, and senior shoots!  I also managed to accomplish most of my personal goals too!


  • Book three senior sessions (check!)
  • Tweek blog to the way I want it (mostly check! I’m sure I’ll always have a little bit to add)
  • Order flashdrives (womp womp womp, my first uncheck :( but in my defense, I decided to change that goal)
  • Gain a second shooting job (I’m hoping that I’m all set for a special day in October!!)

Personal Goals:

  • Work out everyday (Almost check! I actually did a pretty good job of this, minus last weekend!)
  • Stick to budget (CHECK!!!)
  • Finish reading Revelations (check!!)
  • Get more organized (… it’s in progress! )

BUSINESS GOALS for September:

  • Get my packaging situation in order (which is mostly order today!! woohoo!!)
  • Make sure all contracts are updated correctly
  • Stick to workflow
  • Organize/Finish desk project!! (don’t worry, I’ll be posting about this one soon!)
  • Take advantage of my brand new beautiful Macbook Setup! (also posting about this soon!)

Personal Goals for September:

  • Start listening more and arguing less (it’s a problem I’ve seemed to develop lately)
  • Keep trusting God for what comes next
  • Stay on top of my school work!
  • Continue exercising almost everyday
  • Eat healthier
  • Finish getting organized


So have a lovely Tuesday guys and gals, and enjoy it!  Also, the photo credit above goes to Katelyn James!


September 4, 2012

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