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Today is our first day home from our fun trip to Seattle this past weekend and while it was so wonderful to be away, it’s nice to be home too!  I have lots to do but this morning I’m going to share with you photos from our trip to downtown Seattle.  It was so much fun to explore the Market at Pike’s Place on Saturday.  The city itself is so beautiful and clean!  Though I loved looking around the city, my favorite part of the day was looking at the city from Gas Works Park.  The view is absolutely stunning and we got to see one of the sea planes land! Yay!  So enjoy a peek into our trip!  Plus, later this week more photos from our trip are coming to the blog and a mini-photo shoot!

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The gum wall… so cool and so disgusting at the same time!

a seattle weekend getaway_0157a seattle weekend getaway_0158a seattle weekend getaway_0159a seattle weekend getaway_0160

This guy is the best!

a seattle weekend getaway_0161a seattle weekend getaway_0162a seattle weekend getaway_0163a seattle weekend getaway_0164a seattle weekend getaway_0165a seattle weekend getaway_0166a seattle weekend getaway_0167a seattle weekend getaway_0168a seattle weekend getaway_0169a seattle weekend getaway_0170a seattle weekend getaway_0171a seattle weekend getaway_0172a seattle weekend getaway_0173a seattle weekend getaway_0174

These two are the best host/hostess!!!

a seattle weekend getaway_0175a seattle weekend getaway_0176

Yay for our group shot!!

a seattle weekend getaway_0177a seattle weekend getaway_0178

It was so fun watching the sea planes!!

a seattle weekend getaway_0179a seattle weekend getaway_0180a seattle weekend getaway_0181a seattle weekend getaway_0182a seattle weekend getaway_0183a seattle weekend getaway_0184

Thanks for this shot, Meg!! I love it!!

a seattle weekend getaway_0185a seattle weekend getaway_0186



March 25, 2014

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  1. Would LOVE to visit Seattle. Love the water shots- lots of canvas worthy shots there! Can’t wait to see more of your trip! <3

  2. Karena Dixon says:

    So fun! One day i’ll get to go.

  3. Megan says:

    Yay!!!!!! Such a fun weekend! Great pictures and great people to share adventures with! :)

  4. dawn swann says:

    LOVE these photos!! Such great variety and pretty too

  5. Lindsay says:

    LAUREN! This is such a dream!! I love that you got to go on such an awesome adventure! And check out that orange shot- it needs to be in a stockshop somewhere!!

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