Justin + Andrea Annapolis, Maryland Wedding

These two are something special.  They love Jesus, their families, and most importantly each other.  Justin and Andrea’s day was so perfectly them… full of all of the above!  With St. Mary’s Church as the backdrop for the ceremony, the two got to participate in one of the sweetest ceremonies I’ve been a part of with their sweet mamas loving them so well!  Plus, we had a blast exploring Quiet Water Park for their portraits and their reception!  What a day it was, and it was an absolute honor to be a part of.  Andrea and Justin, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your special day! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0086 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0087 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0088 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0089 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0090 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0091 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0092 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0093 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0094 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0095 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0096 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0097 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0098 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0099 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0100 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0101 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0102 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0103 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0104 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0105 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0106 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0107 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0108 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0109 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0110 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0111 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0112 Annapolis-East-Coast-and-Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-photo_0113


January 5, 2016

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  1. Anna says:

    Beautiful post! I especially love the tones on those navy blue details and that black and white portrait of the couple.

  2. Kait Masters says:

    I love love love the close up of them in black and white. That is a photo they will treasure forever. Gorgeous work, Lauren!

  3. Jill says:

    These are so so pretty Lauren! The light in all of the portraits…just beautiful! And I adore her dress!

  4. Kate Ann says:

    What a gorgeous day! I love her veil! Great job Lauren!

  5. Ashley says:

    These are beautiful images. I particularly love the detail of the veil lace over the bible. Simple, yet impactful!

    xo Ashley

  6. This is such a sweet romantic wedding! I love it…and her dress is amazing!

  7. Emiy says:

    Love your work Lauren! Always beautiful :) All the greenery accents are amazing!

  8. Nicki says:

    You captured their wedding beautifully! Looks like a sweet couple!

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