Monday’s Mash-up Time with Friends + Journey 2014


This weekend was so fun!  I spent the weekend serving two hundred and thirty women and it was so rewarding.  Watching women share their stories, embrace each other for who they are, and join in each other’s journeys was incredible.  I also got to room with three of my dearest friends!  Our late night conversations will forever be a wonderful memory for me.  Anyways, as always I’m sharing this weekend’s lessons/happenings:

  • Walmart has surprisingly cheap but delicious red velvet cake.
  • Apparently, I sometimes make a strange whistling noise instead of snoring.
  • Watching my sweet little friend Madison dance was absolutely incredible!  That girl has so much talent and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses her gifts for His glory!
  • I am surrounded by some of the most wonderful people who continually pour into me.  I’m so grateful for each and every one of them!!!
  • This weekend made it overly obvious that I am terrible at taking compliments and words of affirmation is certainly not my love language!!
  • I spent the whole weekend without being signed into my Instagram feed and it was so delightful!  I should try it more often!!
  • I also hit 1,000 likes this weekend on our Facebook page!! Y’all that is SO exciting!! Numbers definitely don’t mean anything as far as I’m concerned, but I totally am so grateful for the support of over one thousand people!!! Ah!! Y’all are the best and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you!!!

What about y’all?? How was the rest of your weekend??  I hope it was fantastic!!  Oh, and grab a peek at some of my favorite images from this weekend!

Monday's Mash-up_0741Monday's Mash-up_0742Monday's Mash-up_0743Monday's Mash-up_0744Monday's Mash-up_0745Monday's Mash-up_0746Monday's Mash-up_0747Monday's Mash-up_0748Monday's Mash-up_0749Monday's Mash-up_0750Monday's Mash-up_0751Monday's Mash-up_0752Monday's Mash-up_0753Monday's Mash-up_0754Monday's Mash-up_0755Monday's Mash-up_0756


November 10, 2014

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  1. Bekah says:

    Lauren these are such great photos from the weekend! I’m sad I missed it but so glad to see the photos and can’t wait to hear the stories from the weekend!! I just love the one of mrs trish & the first one of erica & brooke! so sweet :)

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